guitar distortion


DistoZoid dz02 is a clean style distortion.
Classic tones for most styles of music.
Working well as clean booster, overdrive and high gain distortion. Huge output allows work as preamplifier too!

  • gain from clean boost to distortion
  • gain, tone, volume controls
  • bass boost switch
  • true bypass
  • power 9V
  • full metal micro design 60 x 38 x 35 mm

"The Distozoid ( advertised as distortion pedal ) can really just be your preamp . It’s the size of two guitar picks 😳. In this demo I have Gain and Tone cranked with volume around 2 . It’s Loud when cranked through the little power amp roughly as loud a Fender Deluxe amp but with all that British bite with more gain."
Tracii Guns

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