Paul Souyoultzis

Hello Mark, I just wanted to say that I really love the Metal Genetic 2.0 pedal I just received from you. It’s an extremely beautiful build, and I think you are a true visual artist with a wonderful ear for tone. I really love this pedal. I will end up doing an in depth post for you and this pedal in the near future with sound clips/videos and I’ll tag you for sure. Just wanted to say thanks, hello, and right the fuck on. You make amazing works of visual and sonic art. Cheers. - paul

Gitarre & Bass

"Here you not only get a great look, but also really good sound. Considering the amount of custom design work that goes into each pedal, the prices are perfectly reasonable". (translated from German)

Full review of my pedals here (German language).

Carlos Marques

"Got the Svisound Retrozoid GF. This is a great fuzz pedal.
Firstly, the build quality on this pedal really is top notch, super precise fit and finish on the enclosure and a super clean PCB and wiring that's just a joy to look at. Kudos for sorting out the engineering details and putting together a PNP Ge Fuzz you can daisy chain. Awesome.
Plugged in and it's super quiet. Easily one of the least noisy fuzz pedals I've tried, no picking up radio stations, nothing. Turn the volume up on the guitar and there it is. Fat and wooly as a fuzz face should be, cleaning up beautifully with the volume control on the guitar. I'm Happy.
The fuzz control is different from other fuzzes in that it is more of a voicing rather than a gain control. But it kind of does both things: All the way to the left is Fuzz Face land, fat and wooly. All the way to the right it's brighter and tighter, kind of like a bender. It's lower gain at noon and fuzzier at the extremes, if that makes sense. Anyway, it sounded nice and musical either way I set it up. Also, great tone control and a LOT of volume on tap. This fuzz will cut through if necessary.
Great stuff man!
Cheers from Lisbon, Portugal
Best, Carlos"

germanium fuzz RetroZoid-GF

Silverfox Guitars

Mark Svirkov is no ordinary pedal builder. Mark combines artwork with sound to create some of the most interesting guitar effects on the market.
Mark made his first pedal in 1979 for a school band. His school friends soon requested pedals, which he initially did for free, before turning his creations into enterprise.
SviSound pedals are completely unique and do not copy existing circuitry on the market. Like most builders, Mark creates pedals with the highest quality components.
Circuits are hand-wired, however, non vintage components use SMD parts. PCB's from external manufacturers are used for serial products.
The unique sounds created from Mark's pedals come from the selection of unique components and trusted sources. Once a pedal sound is created, Mark designs enclosures around the sound.
Pedal enclosures are some of the most artistic on the market with a vintage steampunk feel. Enclosures are made in-house by SviSound with components that are often drilled, milled, engraved and galvanised.
The SviSound product range includes optical tremolo, mini tube amplifiers, mini tube pre amps, mini tube boosters, custom guitar cabs, mini and nano amps, bluetooth and smartphone technology, distortion, germanium phaser, fuzz, compressors, overdrive, auto wah and many more.
Please take a look at SviSounds website and social media links. All pedals are some of the most interesting you will see.
Give them some FX Pedal Planet love.

Astari Nite

Tobias Knostmann

"SviSound cab So I finally received my 1*12 cab from Mark at SviSound. I put this idea to Mark, and he was all up for it. A very expensive speaker (Celestion Gold), and then let loose Mark’s creativity. This had worked well for me in the past when he proposed a 10” cab to me which was awesome, so an oversized 12” seemed like a good idea. Now that it has arrived, I am blown away. It is resonant in a good way which makes it sound “woody” but not boomy. Very precise, articulate highs, and just full sounding. One can imagine how Mark used oak strips attached to the outside of the cab to tune the resonant frequencies, they also add to the rootsy look of the cab. The lighting is a special treat by Mark, lighting the cab in orange from inside and also from inside the piped speaker grille. An incredible amount of detail has been put into the creation of this cab, and it looks and sounds the part."

custom steampunk guitar cabinet custom steampunk guitar cabinet

SviSound OverZoid OZ01 long term Review

"the OZ01 (OverZoid oz01) is one of my favorite OD pedals of all time."

Detailed review of this pedal from my client.

Kim Steele

( High voltage booster - preamplifier HV Boost )

Stef Angiulli, (Aborym synth player)

"This stereo SviSound Synthboost is the perfect pedal for all keyboard players who need an increase in db during their performance, especially in the context of pedal queues that with their compressions take away volume from the synths. The total clean SviSound SynthBoost stereo pedal gives you total control of your volume in studio and on stage!!!"

stereo clean booster SYNTHBOOST

Premier Guitar

" Fantastic range of vintage fuzz (SviSound RetroZoid-GF) flavors—enough to shame many larger, more expensive stomps—via a remarkably simple control array. Excellent deal."

germanium fuzz RetroZoid-GF

Tracii Guns

"The Distozoid ( advertised as distortion pedal ) can really just be your preamp . It’s the size of two guitar picks ?. In this demo I have Gain and Tone cranked with volume around 2 . It’s Loud when cranked through the little power amp roughly as loud a Fender Deluxe amp but with all that British bite with more gain . You could put both on a tiny pedal board and show up to a gig and just plug into a speaker cab and your done :) ."

Some feedbacks from

Silicon fuzz-overdrive SviSound Si Fuzz
Fantastic pedal! Super fast Delivery! Fantastic Seller!

Overdrive SviSound OverZoid oz01
Awesome seller! Excellent communication and very kind. Super fast international shipping. Pleasure to get Overzoid great experience for me. That's amazing, super sensetive response, beautiful sounding pedal . Highly recommended Svisound. Thank you !.

Germanium fuzz overdrive SviSound Ge Fuzz v.3.2
Awesome fuzz and promptly shipped. Through no fault of the seller, transit time from Bulgaria to the U.S. did take almost 4 weeks in december, so if you're used to a few days for delivery, you might want to adjust your expectations.

Silicone fuzz SviSound RetroZoid SF
Fantastic pedal - everything promised in the reviews and more.

SviSound Mosfet overdrive OverZoid MOS
Great quality product et sound ! I've received it within two weeks in France. The product was in a resistant package . Thanks again.

Clean overdrive SviSound OverZoid mini
Great service (shipped quickly, arrived in perfect condition) but more importantly this is a *great* pedal - high build quality, great design, and great sound..

Paul L. Ewing

"(germanium overdrive Techno-OV)  If Blues or Fusion your thing. Nothing sounds as soulful yet as elegant as this. Or maybe you love the spacey playing of Dave Gilmour ...this pedal could send you in that direction with a unique tone of your own."

Premier Guitar

" The SviSound Techno-FA (phaser) is, pound for pound, inch for inch, one the most powerfully addicting phasers on the market."

"Simply put, the FA (Techno-FA) is one of those effects that immediately inspires. For disorientingly warbled—but still classic-sounding—aural vortexes, choose four-stage mode and crank the range knob. For a cushier, more inviting vintage sound that can lull you into blissful oblivion in myriad ways, choose two-stage mode and tune to taste. The bright control is a genius inclusion, but regardless, virtually every setting seamlessly melds with your overall tone. A must-try for the vintage-inclined player looking for tiny but mighty!"

phaser Techno-FA

Pedal of the Day

" The SviSound SiMosFuzz is a powerful little machine, with huge output and enough drive and fuzz to add an entirely new dimension to both your playing and your signature sound."

"Optical phaser Techno-FA
  Techno-FA does a great job replicating both phasers (Phase 90 and Phase 45) and with the additional controls, this is probably the most versatile phaser on the market.

"Overdrive + booster OverZoid oz01+
...the OverZoid oz01+ is capable of providing a nice clean boost. Single coils and brighter amps, sound warmer and more chunky. There’s a lot of volume on tap here so you can easily boost the front end of your tube amp as well, for a natural tube break up.
...The Mosfet (booster) is obviously more modern sounding, smoother and warmer.
...The germanium stage takes the OZ+ closer to the classic DOD 250 and MXR Distortion+, with a more 70s sounding character, rich dynamics and a crisp attack. For high gain tones, and the boost engaged, you can easily reach some really awesome fuzz tones, with some amazing sustain.

"Overdrive OverZoid
SviSound creates some stunning looking pedals and the OverZoid sounds as good as it looks. It’s hard to compare this one to anything that’s out there but think of a mix between an Klon, OCD and Rat and you’re pretty much there. There’s tons of mid range and gain here, so don’t expect any lush cleans, but the harmonics and sustain this pedal is producing is hard to beat. Highly recommended for bedroom setups and mids scooped Fender and Vox amps in particular. See my full review of the SviSound OverZoid here.
Bedroom setups: 10/10
Gilmour tones: Delicate/Pulse/Gdansk/Rattle
Gilmourish.Com score: 8/10"

Nero Bellum

"I've already been trying your pedal (EchoZoid ez01) with quite a few pieces and it really excels with digital, wavetable synths.
Quite beautiful really."

echozoid ez01

Tone Report Weekly

"Combining an unimpeachable penchant for killer aesthetics and tone, SviSound's OverZoid (oz02) drive has an internal charge pump to bump the voltage up to an 24 volts for supreme headroom. A three-way toggle switches between clipping modes, ranging from hard clipping to none at all for a nice, uncompressed drive tone."

overzoid oz02


Let me introduce cool industrial band from Italy - ABORYM! I have endorsed this amazing band now :)

aborum svisound

David Richards

I just wanted to say how impressed I am with the Overzoid pedal! After a week with it, I have actually removed two longstanding pedals from my board (my ancient trusty Boss BD-2 and my Tech21 Liverpool pedal) because I don't need them anymore. Further, the Overzoid's amazing transparency with regards to my tone is so welcome. I play in a British Invasion (Beatles/Who/Kinks/etc) band, and the sound of particular guitars (Epiphone Casino, Rickenbacker) is iconic and can't be messed with. The most fun I've had is to run the Overzoid's gain at about 1 o'clock, select the neck pickup and roll the tone pot all the way down, then kick in the EHX Satisfaction fuzz pedal: I get syrupy, fuzzy saturation like Clapton got in Cream and Randy Bachman got in the Guess Who. Simply tremendous!

OverZoid oz01 OverZoid oz01

Hideki Otsuka

Amazing sounds and very very cute looks ‼︎ (OverZoid oz01 ART edition and GeFuzz 3.2 ART edition) Thanks for SviSound and ScorelayJapan ‼︎

Sasaki Naoya

Pedalboard of Japan guitarist Sasaki Naoya from KUSO-IINKAI band with OverZoid oz01

OverZoid oz01

Guitar Player magazine

(overdrive OverZoid oz01) "You also get a surprising hint of midrange articulation that lets notes ring with clarity without coloring your sound enough that an audience would notice."

Shawn Maginness

"The BEST germ fuzz I've ever tried (FuzzoZoid)! I can get everything from Don Felder and Joe Walsh to J Mascis and Sabbath out of this one pedal! I was so into it that I completely forgot there was a toggle switch to play with! lol That opens all kinds of doors, man! I'm definitely recording with this! Thanks so much, Mark! You're created a masterpiece!"

Pedro Galhoz

Svisound Overdrive (OverZoid oz01) - the best Overdrive pedal!

Pedro Galhoz - OverZoid oz01

Eva Vergilova

Amazing video with OverZoid oz01!  

Reggie Moses

I've been using this pedal (OverZoid oz01) for SEVERAL years & it STILL blows me away.
It does so many different things, it's versatile like me.
Country, Rock, Reggae, R-n-B, Top-40...this pedal has MANY applications.
Touch sensitive, smooth "glass like" sustain & built like a tank.
Frankly, this pedal should sell for more money, it's worth it.
The "Fat Switch" is "the trump card". It adds a complexity to the tone.
Quality of the build is 1st class. Customer service is peerless.
Most pedals on my pedal board come & go, this pedal is a mainstay on my board.
Buy this Overdrive pedal & prepare to be blown away......I was & still am .

"The FuzzoZoid pedal is a very original pedal from Mark at SviSound. When it comes to pedal in today’s pedal market, there’s so many clones of clones of clones, but not with SviSound. Mark makes original sounding and original looking pedals and the FuzzoZoid should not be overlooked."

Shane Diiorio Band

"I gave the Svisound FuzzoZoid pedal a run last night with my main rig last night and it's seriously great. It's very overdrive in terms of tone but the tail end of the notes get that fuzz vibe...but it's smooth as yet nasty when you dig in! I love it."

The Mortal

I get thanks from Japan's band "The Mortal". They used my pedals for music of album "I Am Mortal"!

The Mortal The Mortal

Premier Guitar magazine

The Ge Auto Wah could be a revelation for players who have only experienced inexpensive auto wahs. It excels at adding texture and harmonic color - it's definitely not the sort of dull filter effect reminiscent of throwing a blanker over your amp and lifting it off again. It's super responsive to picking dynamics and adds soft contours - when you want them - to an effect that isn't always easy to master.

Frank Steffen Mueller

"in my new song "Fate Of Souls" I used the incredible SVISOUND Auto Wah.
It´s absolutely stunning and I love it. I used it in the complete solo part... but very subtle. It´s a wonderful pedal. Thanks Mark!"

"I used a Custom made Auto Wah (Germanium Auto Wah), called "The Wah Of Love“ in front of my Axe. This is a real vintage Germanium Auto-Wah made by SviSound. This pedal is just amazing. It´s a sort of vocalizer to me. The lead sound is smooth, warm, dynamic and very „vocalesque“ singing. I love it. This pedal is always on my pedalboard because it´s a „Must Have“"

Francesco D'Andrea

The OverZoid by Svisound really had a huge impact as a foundation pedal during the production of many of the tracks recorded for my new album with Black Market Aftermath.
Listen to the album (and the pedal!) here:

Bjorn Riis

"It’s not often that you come across pedals that stand out as being really unique. Don’t get me wrong, there’s so much great coming out these days that it’s hard to choose but every now and then you find these pedals that offer something different. Something new. I recently got my hands on the OverZoid and Ge Fuzz from SviSound"

"The OverZoid is probably one of the better sounding overdrive pedals I’ve tried in a long time. Perhaps ever. Extremely versatile and it sounds great on almost any guitar or amp you throw at it. Highly recommended!"

"The Ge Fuzz is an excellent choice if you want that classic late 60s fuzz tone on smaller amps and bedroom setups, without compromising the tone."

Tom Wheeler
Author, former Editor In Chief of Guitar Player magazine

"(OverZoid oz01) Looks very basic — just what I'm looking for. I think many people like lots of buttons and switches — until they get on a gig; then they want simplicity. I think a good unit makes it easy to get a good basic sound. You shouldn't have to have many very specific settings just to get a good sound."

Jake Cloudchair

"This pedal (OverZoid oz02) have wide range dynamics. May also effectiveness of each knob, you can use a wide range from clean booster to hard overdrive.
Yet overdrive that match the many uses, it also has firmly personality. The thickness and distortion of the grain texture and goodness of omission, I think unique. To play the distortion pedal of SviSound should look this in five models first, but there is an atmosphere of tone that is common to both. This may be said that the personality of the brand. And  sound similarly unique appearance emphasizes the SviSound likeness. Without using paint and printing, and has a steampunk taste and finished with sculpture / shaving / plating. Now his particular indicator with a cut glass and a blue LED has to produce a gorgeous feeling. As always, it is pretty cool."

Francesco D'Andrea

"The OverZoid by Svisound is easily one of the best semi-transparent overdrives I had the chance to test lately. The bottom end, at any setting, is just awesome. Until now I didn't find a way to set knobs that didn't sound good, and if you use with low gain and high volume, it's just an awesome tool to give new life to a dull sounding guitar. With its bite and high fidelity type of sound, it makes a drive with something like a Xotic EP boost in it! This might be easily my "always on" pedal, as it also stacks really well in front of other drive pedals. I'm probably recording 2 or 3 tracks for my next work with it, and many others in future. Give it a try, and you'll be amazed!"

Premier Guitar magazine

"(overdrive OverZoid oz01) Relatively transparent, hi-fi overdrives are a joy to work with—especially when they have the range to add a unique color or two on top of it. Given all that sonic range and style, the OverZoid oz01 a true standout."

Shane Diiorio

"Mark makes a great product and a wide selection of unique looking and sounding pedals worth a look. He’s not building clones like a huge portion of the pedal industry. If you want something original and unique then check out SviSound you won’t be disappointed."


Pedal board of Japanese musicant MORRIE. My Ge Fuzz V4.0 on top.

MORRIEs pedal board

Rob Bonfiglio

"The SviSound OverZoid finally ends my search for the perfect overdrive pedal. This pedal is perfectly transparent but still quite flexible, tonally. Functions range from a crisp clean boost to a harmonically rich and gritty overdrive, perfect for all live musical situations I encounter. I love this pedal so much, I have two!"

 Kim Steele

"I wanna give another HUUUGE shout out to that genius Mark Svirkov! hey Mark, your pedal (OverZoid oz01) was the only pedal I brought with me on the road because I was afraid that what ever backline that was gonna be at the gigs wouldn't have any footswitch or channel switching. and wouldn't ya know it. tonight I got an amp with no channel switching. I pull out my pedal and it rocks! Can't wait for the gig tonight and the little box that saved the day!
It had an amazing tone with this Fender tube amp I am using. I'm sooo glad I brought it!"

Kim Steele - OverZoid oz01

Vintage Guitar magazine

"OverZoid matches a very natural-sounding gain with a distinctive steampunk design to earn its spot as the best-looking box on your pedalboard...

The OverZoid succeeds tonally where few others do (especially at this price), and its design is a cut above."

Buffalo BOB

"these days the overzoid overdrive is my go to pedal for blues...guys you make a great product....

Fantastic video with OverZoid from Netherlands! Unique instrument Lamelle steeltongue and our overdrive! Amazing sound! Thank you, Jesse!

Fresh photo with OverZoid from Italy! Thank you, Andrea!

OverZoid from Italy

SviSound Germanium Fuzz demo from Thailand! Thank you, Kriengkrai!

OverZoid on pedalboard from Norway! Thank you, Dan!

OverZoid from Norvay

Photo of OverZoid from Italy. Thank you, Alessandro!

OverZoid on Italy

Nice guitar girl Micaela Kingslight are testing our fuzz in the Traverse City Guitar Company, Michigan.

PREMIER Guitar about our pedals

"Pete Walsh -- Reader of the Month
Describe the coolest-looking pedal you’ve ever seen. How’d it sound?
I’m digging the SviSound pedals. Their approach on doing a steampunk look is incredibly eye-catching—I can’t tell you which one is coolest. Who wouldn’t want to look down on their board and see that?

My current obsession is: Finding the perfect fuzz pedal and learning to hum underwater. I’m not fully successful in either venture, but I’m closer with the fuzz."

Demo of OverZoid oz01 from our buyer from Denmark. Thank you, Claus!

Gary, Acton, MA

"Indeed, it has arrived!!

It is amazing, beautiful, and truly fantastic! It feels like a wondrous thing found in a secret corner of an old museum.

And the guitar pick! Oh my gosh, what a cool surprise! It's a work of art on its own!

This is by far the coolest guitar pedal I've ever seen. Oh!

Thank you, Mark!! I think you can tell that I am *very much* thrilled by your creation. My very best to you!"

"I have played the pedal, for hours!! I *love* it! I am fascinated by it. It is quite unlike any other overdrive-type pedal I've ever played. I have been exploring its nuances. Such a range of truly great sounds! And beautifully sensitive to subtle playing dynamics and guitar volume changes. I am finding that it's more an overdrive-distortion than an all out (meaning tone-obliterating) fuzz, which is perfect for me as I was looking for exactly that. I am enjoying using the switch and exploring sounds at each setting."

Mark V, Florida

"Mark sent me one of these with my Germanium Fuzz-Overdrive . Very nice surprise and a work of art by it's self !  Thank You Mark ! ! !"

 "Mark built one of these for me .  It sounds GREAT !  I love everything about it . The sound is just what I was looking for . The "look" Mark has created,  is totally in a class by it's self . The build is built proof !   Thank You Mark .    Your friend in Florida,  Mark V."

 Marc-Eric, Canada:

"Germanium fuzz overdrive V.2.0 is a hi gain crunchy crispy bright and dark machine with endless sustains."


"Music is art and should be created with artistic tools!" Tracii Guns (special for SviSound)