guitar micro amp steampunk


Tube version of unique vintage steampunk design and small size! Ideal for a "silent" bedroom or home play/record.
Single ended tube amplifier with a combo ex-USSR tube lamp 6F5P (PCL86).
Great vintage sound and rich look! Good choose for sound and interior! Warm clean tone!

  • Micro amplifier output 3 Watts.
  • Natural materials only: wood, brass, steel.
  • Volume control, boost switch.
  • VU vintage style indicator.
  • Output for external speaker 4/8 Ohm.
  • External power 12 V DC 2 A.
  • Dimensions 150 x 210 x 150 mm, 5.9"x8.26"x5.9"
guitar micro amp steampunk
guitar micro amp steampunk